Bissa culture

The origin of the Bissa of Garango

Originally, our ancestor Barsɔ, a hunter in his own state, participated in an organized hunt in the region.

His first name would mean:

    Barsɔ = Rope is outlawed, that's a euphemism for hanging.
    Barsɔ = The thorny bush is outlawed. May he, being a hunter, banish fear. When hunting only the fearful, out of fear, throw themselves into the thorny bushes which are called "bar".



  Barsɔ was on horseback. His adventure took him next to

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he [Click and drag to move] hill at the current location of the prefecture offices. Exhausted, he decided to observe a resting time at this location. The hill was then called "MƐƝƆN" which in Bissa means rest. Barsɔ exhausted so decided to end his hunting trip by saying in Bissa: "Gargɔ". "Mɛɲɔn bɩnkɛ han, gar n gɔ " which means that here is a place of rest and the hunt is over. This is the expression that has remained the name of the region. Garango "Gar n gɔ"

    Origins of Garango bissa

The Garango bissa are of hunting origin and are said to have come from Boussa in Nigeria. They passed through Yaandé, a locality in northern Ghana, near Baku.

                                                                                      A Bissa born in Ghana and currently living in Canada told us that his sister did her DNA test which revealed that she is of Nigerian origin.